Support services on the N3 such as those rendered by Community Medical Services, BMW Road Service and Angels in Motion are wonderful initiatives which have proven highly successful in times of emergencies. Here Philip Hull of Community Medical Services attends to an accident victim on Van Reenens Pass.
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Crashes down on N3 but ‘you’ are still the problem

The total number of crashes on the N3 Toll Route decreased by 3,4% from 2013 to 2014 but negligent driving, general carelessness and high risk driver behavior continue to contribute to crash statistics along this route. According to N3 Toll

It was a busy period for ER24 and other emergency services over the past Festive Season. These paramedics tried to bring a bit of cheer to the many accident victims they treated by wearing their Christmas hats. It’s all about the ‘Golden Hour’ when saving lives and hoax calls do not help.
Hoax calls can kill – think before you dial
Over the past two years, Engen has more than doubled its retail network from 20 operating sites to the current 55. Engen Diesel 50 is available at most of the sites.
Engen invests R46,9m into Zimbabwe
SCNext and SAPICS representatives at the signing ceremony which formalised the partnership between SCNext and SAPICS. This is good news in finding a way forward to addressing the skills shortage facing the entire supply chain industry.
SAPICS initiative set to recruit and equip students for working world

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FleetwatchJanuary 26, 2015 at 10:00pm
Thank goodness truckers ride on tar and not water. A good laugh.....
Pump up the volume!!! :D
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FleetwatchJanuary 24, 2015 at 5:47pm
Look how truckers clean up

Huge congrats to Heinrich Cloete, son of trucking legend Johan Cloete, and Paula on their marriage today. Heinrich runs Sandpiper Hauliers and took time off the road today to hit the Natal Midlands and tie the knot with Paula. Great wedding. Great couple. Lots of happiness in the future. Ring on finger. Drinking and party time now.
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FleetwatchJanuary 23, 2015 at 2:10pm
Another blow out on N3

Can't believe this. About 30 km outside of Warden and another right tyre blowout on steering axle of a rig. Jacob, the driver, told me all was OK heading for Joburg when the tyre suddenly exploded. He battled to control the rig as it veered across south-bound lane. Tyre and rim marks on road in the picture show the path it went and thankfully no on-coming traffic to cause horror accident. He settled it off the verge facing oncoming traffic but off the road. Tyre totally destroyed but Jacob OK. Left him with chips and a Coke as he was waiting for backup. Eieesh. Why so many tyre blow outs??? Any opinions? What's going on? I stood next to the cab and waited for on-coming trucks. I pictured myself in that cab coming across the road and having a head-on with one of those trucks. We would have both been dead. I shuddered and left the thought behind.
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Fleetwatch added 5 photos.January 23, 2015 at 1:08pm
Truck over on N3 near Heidelberg.
Driver told me he was on Northbound lane when right tyre burst on steering axle. Veered across median and fell onto it's left side across the South bound lane. Driver is fine. Thank goodness there was no oncoming teaffic at the time. Could have been far worse. I had a look at the rig. Chinese tyres. Mimmmmm.
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Foreign shop owners displaced by violence and looting in Gauteng should not return to their businesses yet, the Somali Community Board says.
President Jacob Zuma has appointed three acting Constitutional Court judges, spokesperson Mac Maharaj says.
The safety of foreign shop owners in Soweto is not guaranteed as fundamental issues have not yet been addressed, Soweto Business Access says.
The ANC will pay for former police chief Jackie Selebi's funeral and memorial service. The funeral will be held at the NG Kerk in Pretoria.
Three family members have been killed in their home on a private golf estate in Stellenbosch, Western Cape police say.