The only freight and courier company to boast no incidents of hijacking of 1976 vehicles in 12 months.

The Courier and Freight Group comprises a strategic group courier and express freight logistics companies operating across the length and breadth of southern Africa. Within the group are such luminaries as XPS and PX.

IN LINE WITH THE SUSTAINED trend towards outsourcing one of the largest automobile component manufacturer has appointed PX, a division of the Courier & Freight Group (CFG), to handle its outbound logistics for its dealer network across the country. 

The contract involves the distribution of all parts and accessories from manufacturer’s parts and distribution centre is to fitment centres across the country. 

This is a new concept to the logistics industry in that CFG will be responsible for the entire logistical management. It is an industry first and is not usually within the normal spectrum of freight traffic.

The main objectives are to improve service levels by reducing lead times as well as minimise damage to parts, lower costs and improve flexibility.

Apart from  introducing various new aspects that will streamline the customer’s supply chain, CFG will also manage all the OEM deliveries to various motor manufacturers, as well as the national supply to warehouses locally and in Zimbabwe, CFG will be supplying a dedicated fleet of 14 vehicles complete with  staff to handle loading and off loading. The structure will run on a closed loop system, which is a circular routing. The vehicle follows a route with the departure point being the same as the end. 

Vehicles have been branded specifically to fit in with entire customised solution offered to the client.

CFG staff will collect goods from the distribution centre using the ‘Hole-in-the- Wall’ concept where after packing and documentation, goods are collected at dispatch and at this point all parcels become the full responsibility of the delivery service. Goods are packed into PX containers or the dedicated vehicles that are made up of one, eight and twenty ton trucks to be used according to the load. Smaller units are on hand for express deliveries.

The advantage of linking into a custombuilt logistics system is that customers can focus on their core business. The tailor-made system has been set up with time sensitive and high-value issues in mind.

In the past year CFG, which includes XPS and PX brands, has reduced insurance payouts by 70% in just 12 months following a re-evaluation and implementation of an extensive anti-crime programme.

During this period it has also managed to bring down hijacking incidents to zero, due to the installation of new vehicle monitoring technology and proactive deployment of rapid response escort vehicles for its fleet. 

If a vehicle is stopped or deviates from a pre-selected route within 40 metres, security operators respond immediately to sort out any problem.

Zero tolerance has worked for the company. It is the only freight and courier company in South Africa that can boast no incidents of hijacking involving any of its 1976 vehicles within 12 months and 50 million kilometres travelled.


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